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Cassie Easley

Your Constitutional Choice

Cassie Easley is a strong believer in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. She is an Evangelical Christian. She has lived in rural Utah for 20 years. She’s the daughter of a retired Navy veteran. She has a great respect for our Military and knows first-hand what the families are going through while their loved ones are serving. Having lived in both large cities and rural Utah, she feels it gives her a better insight into the varied needs of this district.

Her political beliefs are based in the fundamental freedoms enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. It is our responsibility as citizens to shoulder the role of Constitutionally limited self-government. The constitution specifies the duties of the members of Congress in Article 1, section 8. That is the job description and anything other than that is beyond the powers delegated by the people to them. She is a person who is willing to stand up, represent the people of this district and bear the responsibility to take those duties seriously and to stay inside constitutional boundaries. Deciding which course of action to pursue is clearer when you have the primary goal of making decisions that are based on the foundational belief of protecting freedom.

She is a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment, without it there would be no way to protect the rest of the Bill of Rights. She is a certified Firearms Instructor for Concealed Carry and Home Defense. She is a member of Gun Owners of America (GOA), National Rifle Association (NRA), and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). She is currently a student at Southern Utah University (SUU).

 She is a proponent of unintrusive, fiscally responsible, constitutionally limited government.

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